Cast of the show Another Life standing in a hallway that seemingly opens to outer space.

Another Life | Season 1

Another Life (Season 1) Never Watch

AKA, ‘Big Brother’ or ‘The Love Boat’ in space.

Both would have been better titles for ‘Another Life’ season 1, because as it is, it doesn’t make any sense.

I don’t understand how this show got the green light from Netflix.

It is an amalgamation of ideas from other works …

With a cast of too-pretty-for-their-own-good, annoyingly temperamental and sex-crazed astronauts that seem similar to the crew of the spaceship in Armageddon. They, at least, were supposed to be blue-collared coal miners. In this, there is no excuse.


Why do astronauts need to bring pop-collars and copious amounts of makeup on board? And how does a 300 pound man whose only purpose in the show seems to be to complain about the dwindling amount of food remaining, become an astronaut? This trillion dollar mission isn’t supposed to be a pleasure cruise!

I honestly don’t know how I made it through all 10 episodes.
The one positive, is that a number of them end on cliffhangers that entice the viewer to continue watching. … If you can count that as a positive.

Sadly, there is some star power to the cast:

Katie Sackhoff, of Starbuck ‘Battlestar Galactica‘ notoriety, is yet another space pilot.
That guy from Shameless (Justin Chatwin) is here too, and trying his best to put forth one of the few actually believable acting performances.
… Meanwhile, Selma Blair is disgustingly boring and one-dimensional.

Yeah, it’s official: Another Life (season 1) is among the worst television of the year

Hate watch it if you must.
It has some pretty nice special effects.
… I only wish Netflix spent the money for them on renewing shows that actually have some merit (The OA, Friends From College).

This is an insulting joke to Netflix’s science-fiction adoring audience.
Almost as bad the remake of Lost In Space.

Save yourself some time and go watch Insterstellar and Annihilation again.
If you’re absolutely craving a television space drama with a similar theme, I highly recommend ‘Defying Gravity‘, and maybe ‘Nightflyers(though Nightflyers has problems of its own).

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  • Nice special effects
  • Katie Sackhoff returns as another badass space pilot
  • Oh, and you get to see her butt for no reason
  • That guy from Shameless is here ..
  • Cons
  • Unbelievable and annoyingly pampered and tempermental so-called 'astronauts'
  • Selma Blair half-asses the worst performance of her entire career.
  • This is an insulting joke to Netflix's science-fiction adoring audience.
    Almost as bad the remake of Lost In Space.
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