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Dark | Season 2

Dark (Season 2) Never Watch

She’s her own mother?!

I was afraid the writers would destroy Dark season 2 in the same way as season 2 of Travelers. They have such an amazing premise, and are executing it in a completely unique way. Travelers got lost in this, and added too many subplots and elements, resulting in a series of one-off mediocre episodes.

Instead, Dark Season 2 builds upon everything that made season 1 great.

Let me back up a bit.
Dark is … A phenomenal show that parallels the vibe of Stranger Things and The OA. It revolves around a tight-knit group of kids dealing with supernatural forces beyond their control.

However, UNLIKE either of those two shows, there is NO comedy here (besides the first few episodes). And NO character is invulnerable, no matter how likable they are (I’m looking at YOU Daryl on the Walking Dead)

Season 1 ended on an incredible reveal,
and season 2 managed to build on it brilliantly.

My only complaint…

Despite all this, there is a problem.
A big one. The writers are OBSESSED with the the ‘bootstrap paradox’.
I won’t go into detail about it now, (you can read about it more here)
but the point is, literally every episode is beating it into the viewer’s skull.
And I’m sick of it.

The appeal of movies like Back To The Future, is that actions in the past can change the present. And… It’s not clear anything can be changed in this show. Ever.

Hold up …

Before I go any further. You should be aware there are multiple different types of ‘time travel’ shows / theories. Future Man (season 1) lampoons the multiple types while expounding on which rules they adhere to. I highly recommend the first season as a must watch for anyone with an interest in these types of shows.

Generally speaking, Dark still isn’t clear on what ‘rules’ it adheres to, even two seasons in.

Instead, it just continually reuses the ‘boostrap paradox’ in increasingly mindbending ways until my head literally cannot take it any more.

That’s my only complaint.

And perhaps that this season was a bit slower than the first, and the twists were a bit predictable.
… Except for the final one, occurring seconds before the end credits.

All in all. Still among the best television in years.

4.6 / 5 Reviewer
  • Unique premise
  • Builds on the first season's twist
  • Cons
  • I am SICK of the bootstrap paradox
  • Somewhat predictable at times, and a bit slow
  • Dark season 2 is a bit slower than the first, and the twists were a bit predictable.... Except for the final one, occurring seconds before the end credits.
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