Cast of the television show Los Espookys standing in a circle in their base of operations.

Los Espookys | Season 1

Los Espookys (Season 1) Never Watch

It’s alright ..

Los Espookys season 1 is pretty funny, in a subdued, dark, and deadpan kind-of-way.

The premise is interesting. I don’t know of any ragtag misfit bands of magicians / horror-movie aficionados performing tricks (or ‘spooks‘ as they call them) on the general populace at large for cash.
And while it starts off as a believable enterprise, they gradually veer from reality-based tricks to absurd magical elements. And that’s okay.

What isn’t okay is another nitwit performance by Carol Kane

Her performance was a stain on an otherwise interesting cast of characters.
This show could have risen to greater heights had it not included Carol Kane and Fred Armisen. On paper, they appear to be the only recognizable actors here, although Julio Torres recently premiered his first HBO comedy special ‘My Favorite Shapes(which is worth a watch. it’s a different style of humor, and I’m down for it).

No, the real star here is Ana Fabrega as Tati

Watching this show to me felt a bit like watching Bojack Horseman, in that Tati acts as a side character that constantly hijacks the show (in a good way) in much the same way as Todd. I would watch a Tati or Todd spinoff in a heartbeat.

There are some legitimately unique and hilarious plot lines here

They just feel sandwiched in by duller scenes that feel arduous to get through.
I especially love Andres communicating with a water demon living inside him that demands he watch The King’s Speech. And Tati’s disappointment with real people’s appearance compared to their dating profile picture …

And there are some absolute duds. Like the team posing as green aliens.

All in all, Los Espookys season 1 is a mixed bag

The episodes build to the final episode, which is clearly the best.
And thankfully, this got renewed for a second season,
Hopefully they will work out the kinks and scrap Fred Armisen and Carol Kane.

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  • Unpredictable
  • Brilliant deadpan comedy by Julio Torres
  • Unique premise
  • TATI
  • Cons
  • Borderline campy at certain points
  • I'm personally tired of Carol Kane's constantly typecast character as an old kooky woman.
  • It's alright.
    There are a few laughs to be found here.

    The premise is interesting, as I don't know of any ragtag misfit bands of magicians performing tricks on the general populace at large for cash.

    Fred Armisen isn't the star, which is nice. He plays a side character which is somewhat funny, but ultimately forgettable, except for his tag line 'bip bip'.

    It's just... Alright.
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