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Stranger Things | Season 3

Stranger Things (Season 3) Never Watch


I wanted Stranger Thingsseason 3 to be darker than season 2, and more unpredictable,
and that’s exactly what happened.

Yes, it’s over the top ‘Goonies‘, kids are the only ones that can save the universe.
But that is the point.
They are tapping into an 80s vibe, and they doing it near-perfectly.

There were so many scenes in this season that I felt my jaw-dropping from the sheer amount of overwhelming neon and saturated colors.
You love it or you hate it.
And I happen to love it.

There is not much to critique here ..

The story, music, writing, acting, direction, are all solid.

Actually, some people have found PLENTY to critique.
But those people are wrong. (See:
Stranger Things season 3 has good ideas but poor execution
Stranger Things Ruined Hopper )

Personally, I agree with the assessment that Dennis Hopper is an incredible character,
and that Steve Harrington has one of the best redemption story arcs in modern history, perhaps only one step behind Theon Greyjoy.

Additionally, I don’t care that the show isn’t getting any ‘deeper’ or engaging in more worldbuilding (as of yet). It adheres to a formula that’s been neglected by television for years, and breathes new life into it. And that’s a monumental feat at this point.

Besides, we got two new likable characters. And that’s not an easy task to accomplish for a show that revolves around a tight-knit group of kids.
And, spoiler: the ending sets up the show to move to a more global stage. So, the haters will get what they want next season, hopefully.


I’ve tied it with the best of the year in television (The OA – season 2), because it’s technically that good.
The OA’s mind-bending finale was better, but Stranger Thingsseason 3┬áhad me enthralled every second watching it.

4.5 / 5 Reviewer
  • Return to form
  • Mastery of the craft
  • Brilliant effects and soundtrack
  • Cons
  • The after-credits scene...
  • I've tied it with the best of the year in television (The OA - season 2), because it's technically that good. You love it or you hate it. And I, personally, love it.
    Set Design
    Special Effects
    Editing / Pace

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