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The OA | Season 2

The OA (Season 2) Never Watch


The second season came and went,
and I felt like one of few people who noticed it’s release, and watched it right away.
Let’s make this clear right now: The OA season 2 was a masterpiece.

… And now Netflix has cancelled it.
Likely because of the poor reception.


Look, I know. This show can be hard to get into.
Additionally, it gradually descends down a rabbit hole from a relatively believable premise, to absolutely batshit crazy.
Yet, the characters remain rooted in reality, often times facing backlash from friends and family that think they are all insane.
Which, makes sense.

It’s worth sticking with it. It runs in the same vein as Dark and Stranger Things, revolving around a tight-knit cast of kids and adults dealing with supernatural forces. The stakes are higher here though, as not all characters don an impervious plot armor.

Season 1 ended on a terrible note.
I loved every episode, up to the finale, which…
Made the entire show’s learned dance ‘motions’ be a distraction for a bunch of disgruntled high school shooters.

I HATE every show/movie that broaches the topic of school shootings.
Elephant. 13 Reasons Why. We Need To Talk About Kevin.

I HATE The OA’s depiction of it the least, of those listed.
But it was still an awful letdown for a season that felt like it was going somewhere (*literally, anywhere*) else.

With that said, this season makes up for everything wrong about season 1.

Additionally, the finale this time is nothing short of mind-melting.

This is among the best television of the year.
Watch it, and enjoy.

Additionally, if you haven’t already seen the precursor movie to the OA, I encourage you to check out ‘Sound Of My Voice‘.

If you’re still not sold on watching the OA season 2,
there’s a giant telepathic squid and some borderline live-action tentacle porn.

And somehow it works.

That is all. I refuse to spoil anything more about something so magnificent.

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  • Builds on everything good from season 1
  • The finale is mind-melting
  • Cons
  • Some people might not like how crazy it gets
  • Don't be like those people.
  • This season makes up for everything wrong about season 1. Additionally, the finale this time is nothing short of mind-melting. Best television of the year.
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