Viva Drag Vegas

The queens untuck and discuss what they've learned about themselves. It’s bittersweet as they reminisce on their final moments in the competition and consider the possibilities of what might lie ahead for them.

One-Queen Show

The queens discuss the ins and outs of their One-Queen Shows. They have an entirely new view on things when Whoopi Goldberg stops by to bestow the queens with sage advice and words of encouragement.

Choices 2020

All of the queens settle in and debate this week’s challenge. One queen’s runway look sends a strong political message that pulls everyone together, while another queen separates herself from the others.

Choices 2020

It’s time for America’s first drag queen president! The queens argue in a fabulous presidential debate. Actors Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park) and Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) guest judge.


The queens must create and market ridiculously extravagant products, for the new drag queen lifestyle brand “Droop." Chaka Khan guest judges. Personal trainer Bob Harper makes a guest appearance.