We take care of our hair with daily shampoos and conditioning rituals, but the absence of industry regulations often puts us in harm’s way. Exposing the root of the problem, consumer advocates provide need-to-know tips before you lather up.


Skin is our body’s largest organ, and the average consumer lathers on as many as 17 products daily. But too often these products quickly migrate inside of us, giving a not-so-pretty meaning to the phrase “skin deep.”


Nail acrylics, gels, and jewels are must-have bling that help us stay on trend. But how much do we know about the products we use on our hands, and does our nailcare obsession come with hidden health risks to ourselves and the planet?


We’re a nation that loves looking good and our spending on cosmetics proves it – to the tune of $716 billion annually. While we trust that our cosmetic products are safe, behind the glam and glitter lie darker truths that are not so pretty.