Episode Four

After rebelling against the men-only rule at the band's latest gig, Lauren unexpectedly finds herself with a new fan called Rose. Rose brings back lots of friends the following night, giving Lauren her moment to shine. Much to Nick's irritation, Lauren soon catches the public's imagination and becomes a star, but will her new-found fame go to her head?

Episode Three

Nick decides to get to know Victoria's long-suffering butler a little better. It turns out that Langley once had hopes of being an opera singer, so Nick becomes determined to help him follow his dreams. Elsewhere, Lauren tries to integrate herself into 1920s high society by befriending Victoria and her gaggle of party girls. Will Lauren stick to her principles or change instantly on being accepted by the posh rich girls?

Episode Two

While the rest of the band enjoy living it up in their new environs at Victoria and Ralph's house, Nick desperately tries to work out a way back home. He is invited on a spiritual retreat to help with his wellbeing, but it soon becomes apparent that all is not what it seems. Meanwhile, Jason is all loved up with Victoria, but Lauren begins to tire of Ralph's irritating advances.

Episode One

Stuck in the past after their 'time machine' malfunctions, the gang set out to survive and hopefully thrive in a world without mobile phones, the internet – or any other black people. After meeting a wealthy pair of twins named Victoria and Ralph, the band are invited to play at a concert, but Nick is determined to get home. In a surreal twist of fate, Nick runs into famed inventor John Logie Baird. Will he be able to persuade JLB to help him on his mission?